Goth Queen 2021 – Stage 3 – The final choice by Our Sponsors!

Dear friends, fans and followers of World Gothic Models / @worldgothicmodelss! Here are the ladies from the TOP 10 who successfully passed through Stage 2 and ranked in the Top 5 where our sponsors will choose the top 3 with the respective awards, as well as the encouraging awards from WGM – branded merch of the organization for 3 of the other 28 ladies from all stages – Final Stage 3:

1. @Sonjadealydollmodel, Spain

2. @valerie_darkophelia, Czech Republic

3. @blut_graefin, Germany

4. @eklatekla, Poland

5. @obscure.raven, Germany

The 3rd stage â€“ The final choice by Our Sponsors – Sinister, Plamendura Art, Manon, Gothic Rosette Jewelry and World Gothic Models will select the Winners for the TOP 3 by criteria for overall aesthetic, make-up, fashion, style, setting, mood, photography, and how well the model reflects the Royal Gothic spirit.

The winners will be announce shortly after the final votes.

Last but not the least, this is our new poster for this years’ edition of Goth Queen 2021 – Photo by Jon Ausman, model Alexandria Gothe from Tallahassee, Florida, USA (winner of Goth Queen 2018).

Photo by Jon Ausman, model Alexandria Gothe from Tallahassee, Florida, USA (winner of Goth Queen 2018), Crown by Plamendura Art

Just to remind you what are the prizes be – 3 awards for 3 winners + 1 bonus encouragement award which WGM will give to THREE of the contestants without taking into account ANY ranking! So stay tuned to see what we prepared for you all!

The Encouragement award – WGM Choice Award – One Royal Merch Item by Choice for 3 Lucky Ladies Regardless of Goth Queen 2021 Contest Ranking! 🎁 We specially created Goth Queen 2021 WGM Merch for This Event!
🎀 ✔ Teddy Bear 🐻🐾
🎀 ✔ Coasters (set of 4) 📥
🎀 ✔ Contrast mask, adjustable 😷
🎀 ✔ Full Color Panoramic Mug 🍵

🎆Isn’t it exciting? 🎆
❗No matter the ranking and stages, one of you will receive one of these cute products!❗
✔ The criteria? Well – touching our gothic hearts with your beauty and vibes is enough! ♠♥
🖌 Illustration and Designs by @erwhittingham & @plamenduraart 💡


3rd Place Prize⭐ – The 3rd prize is a Royal Bat Necklace by Gothic Rosette @gothicrosettejewelry from Hungary! ✨

2nd Place Prize⭐ is a Royal Gothic Hooded Corset Shirt by Manon Black / @manonobsessiveshop from Czech Republic! ✨ Model: Michaela Suchanová / @bat_witch_ !⏬

🏆 ⭐1st Place Prize⭐🏆  – ⭐Bonus⭐ – a Royal Black & Purple Crown, Necklace & Cuffs by Plamendura Art / @plamenduraart from Bulgaria!⏬

Model: @plamendura, Accessoryies Award by @plamenduraart

⭐🏆⭐Official 1st Place Prize⭐🏆⭐  – ⭐🏆⭐ a Royal Purple Gothic Dress by Sinister Gothic / @sinistergothicfasnion from the Netherlands! ⭐🏆 ⭐Model: Obsidian Kerttu⭐ 🏆 ⭐⏬

Stay tuned for the FINAL result! We will have the hardest job to do, because every contestant deserve to be on the TOP! We are very excited, overwhelmed and thankful for being part of this journey all together once again!

WGM Team
WGM Team
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