“Model of the Year 2019” Mini Contest Poll Voting!

Dear friends, fans and followers of World Gothic Models! We would like to introduce you the first edition of “Model of the Year 2019” Mini Contest Poll! This is something different than our usual contests – this time the models are chosen in advance by you, the fans from our Instagram profile!

Models from all over the world tag us on their images and we publish the best shots periodically on our gallery on Instagram. The models’ best pictures, which have reached the most *hearts* for the current week, become models of the week on our Stories. We’ve collected this data and after when 2019 ended we decided to create a mini contest with the models you love the most.Who will be the No.1 Model? You will decide by giving your vote to one of the all 38 participants!


  • choose your favorite model;
  • the names of the contestants in the list here are actually their Instagram profile names and by clicking on them you can see the exact pictures which have been selected during the weeks last year opened in a new tab.
  • you can vote only once, so think very well who you would like to help to get to the top;
  • the model who receives most votes will win the contest poll;
  • this mini contest allows previous winners of our contests to participate, because you – the fans – choosed them with your love online in pre-selection on our Instagram.
  • the voting will last from 1.Feb.2020, 00:00h to 15.Feb.2020, 23:59h. When the poll ends the results will be desplayed and we will announce the winner;
  • besides the title “Model of the Year 2019”, the winner will have the chance to participate in future projects of World Gothic Models and be part of our official Merch – t-shirts, hoodies and other products with the face of the lucky winner! Awesome, right?

Bellow you can see the list of the nominated girls you have chosen during the year and now is your turn again to pick the winner – Model of the Year for 2019!

Good luck to all from World Gothic Models!


WGM Team
WGM Team
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