Goth Queen 2021 – Stage 2 – Reposts and Ranking!

👑 GOTH QUEEN 2021 First Stage Just Ended! 👑
The competition so far was incredibly exciting and dynamic! All the ladies deserve to win, but The Queen must be only ONE. 
Nevertheless – The World Gothic Models Team has a Special Encouraging Prizes for some of you. Yes, correct! We decided to giveaway NOT 1, BUT 3 Promo Items of the Special Goth Queen 2021 WGM Merch Edition to 3 of the Ladies, who don’t rank on TOP 3!

So, to all the contestants – stick around until the end of Goth Queen 2021 competition!
Thank you all for your participation, for your votes and support! It is a real pleasure having fun all together!

Once again – here are our sponsors:

The Encouragement award⭐ – ⭐WGM Choice Award⭐ – One Royal Merch Item by Choice for One Lucky Lady Regardless of Goth Queen 2021 Contest Ranking! 🎁 We speacially created Goth Queen 2021 WGM Merch for This Event!
🎀 ✔ Teddy Bear 🐻🐾
🎀 ✔ Coasters (set of 4) 📥
🎀 ✔ Contrast mask, adjustable 😷
🎀 ✔ Full Colour Panoramic Mug 🍵

🎆Isn’t it exciting? 🎆
❗No matter the ranking and stages, 3 of the girls will receive one of these cute products!❗
✔ The criteria? Well – touching our gothic hearts with your beauty, presence and vibes is enough! ♠♥
🖌 Illustration and Designs by @erwhittingham & @plamenduraart 💡

Where you can find us:
Merch | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube


3rd Place Prize⭐ – The 3rd prize is a Royal Bat Necklace by Gothic Rosette @gothicrosettejewelry from Hungary! ✨
Where you can find her:
Etsy Shop | Facebook | Instagram

2nd Place Prize⭐ is a Royal Gothic Hooded Corset Shirt by Manon Black / @manonobsessiveshop from Czech Republic! ✨ Model: Michaela Suchanová / @bat_witch_ !
Where you can find her:
Shop | Facebook | Instagram

🏆 ⭐1st Place Prize⭐🏆  – ⭐Bonus⭐ – a Royal Black & Purple Crown, Necklace & Cuffs by Plamendura Art / @plamenduraart from Bulgaria!
Where you can find her:
Etsy Shop | Instagram | Facebook | ArtStation

Model: @plamendura, Accessoryies Award by @plamenduraart

⭐🏆⭐Official 1st Place Prize⭐🏆⭐  – ⭐🏆⭐ a Royal Purple Gothic Dress by Sinister Gothic / @sinistergothicfasnion from the Netherlands! ⭐🏆 ⭐Model: Obsidian Kerttu⭐ 🏆 ⭐
Where you can find them:
Shop | Instagram | Facebook

And Now Here Are the TOP 10 Nominees for the Next Round of our Competition:
1. @blut_graefin, Germany

2. @Obscure.raven, Germany ⬇

3. @Sonjadeadlydollmodel, Spain ⬇

4. @Crystaldesdemona, Germany ⬇

5. @valerie_Darkophelia, Czech Republic ⬇

6. @Eklatekla, Poland ⬇

7. @April_ashway, USA ⬇

8. @ofelia.nightshade, Sweden ⬇

9. Magdalena von Helfenstein, Czech Republic ⬇

10. @Plaguefiremodel, Sweden

The 2nd stage requires Your fanbase activity with Instagram Reposts – The models, who take the first 10 places, equal their results from the voting for the current moment. That gives them a chance to be equally evaluated by the supporters!

Click here and rank your model for

the Final Top 5!
Repost on Instagram!

The 10 images are published on our Instagram. You can choose the favorite model you want to support and repost her picture to your IG profile in Public mode. Be sure to:
Make a screenshot with your favorite image of THIS ARTICLE ABOVE or use a Reposting App for Instagram. 
✔ Mention the model’s Instagram name and mention us with @worldgothicmodelss in the description box of the repost.
✔ Use the hashtag #wgmgothqueen2021top5

✔ The more you repost correctly, the better chances your favorite model has to get to the TOP 5 most preferred potential winners and to the 3rd stage.
Use ONLY the images of the contest. No other than Official Pictures for the Contest!
🚫 No Story Reposts. Stories disappear after 24h as well as the hashtag won’t register the vote as part of the Hashtag Gallery from where we will count the results.
✔ For those who don’t want to publish on their profiles supporting images because of a personal policy or other reasons – you can remove it when the contest ends.

✔ You can repost ONCE per DAY your vote to support your favorite model;
✔ Profiles and Votes by them, Inactive Profiles clearly and obviously created/used only because this contest and Stage, will NOT count! We will check all supporting profiles! Be serious!

This round will end on 28th of June! 

Now is Your Turn!

WGM Team
WGM Team
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