From Shadows to Light: Embark on a Mesmerizing Makeup Art Journey with Us!

World Gothic Models proudly presents its new artistic project, dedicated to the Аrt of Мakeup, called World Gothic Makeup Art! 

With our special public hashtag #WGMmakeupart, we invite all makeup artists, enthusiasts, and amateurs who believe they have something to show to the world, expressing their unique way of self-expression and artistic skills with colors!

If you’re a goth or you adore the gothic style and have an affinity for МakeUp, feel free to join the new wave of gothic beauty expressed through the art of makeup and experimenting with different looks for various occasions. #WGMmakeupart is the hashtag to include in your descriptions on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube!

The public hashtag #WGMmakeupart is your ticket to participate in our highly inspiring artistic visions every day worldwide!

We will periodically monitor your contributions on four social platforms and select those that impress us the most. Feel free to hashtag us publicly & regularly on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube!

Your video and photo materials will be officially published and showcased on our YouTube channel as well as our social profiles on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook!

We aim to spread your beauty and talent and prove to the world that the gothic style is more than alive!

As much as we value freedom in self-expression, it’s important to share some specific guidelines through which we can select the most interesting and inspiring looks to showcase publicly.

Here’s what your presentation should ideally include to stand out among other candidates:

– Good lighting, Style, Precision, Skills, Previous Experience in Makeup, and Taste; Best quality in HD;

– Share with us the country you are from;

Specify what kind of Goth Type you are – Traditional, Romantic, Vamp, Victorian, or the like (Optional);

– We accept Video & Photo materials:

  • Tag & hashtag us in your HD Reels, Shorts, and Full-Length Videos. Show us how you apply your makeup step by step without unnecessary details to save time;
  • Tag & hashtag us in your HD Photos’ description too by showing us Before and After the MakeUp Application. Your work can be included in a special video slide that presents a diversity of the World Gothic Beauty Makeup Art;

– Share your favorite makeup tricks, hacks, and tips;

– You can combine the final makeup look with your favorite gothic clothing, hairstyle & accessories to enhance your overall gothic vibe and style;

Be completely yourself – we want to see your personality, like your smile, a funny expression, or a cheerful reaction if you haven’t applied a product as intended. Make your artwork interestingly different;

– Add in your description what products you use for skin, eyes, lashes, brows, lips, cheeks, etc (Optional);

– We accept Full-Color HD Videos up to 1 minute (Shorts for YouTube), 1:30 minutes (Reels for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook), or full videos with approximately 5 minutes of content (YouTube). 

We will use all the chosen materials only with your permission. By using the special hashtag #WGMmakeupart in your posts on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, you give us the right to use your artwork for the purposes, mentioned above. 

Despite our more professional guidelines, it is important for everyone to feel free to express themselves authentically. So don’t hesitate – grab your makeup brushes and palettes and record the most stylish and beautiful video you can make!

Important! Gender, age, body size, or race don’t matter! Show your soul through the art of makeup!

A Special Contest for MakeUp Artists is in process!

We look forward to seeing your Magical MakeUp Artwork on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube with #WGMmakeupart!

WGM Team
WGM Team
WGM promotes Gothic culture and alternative self-expression. Our mission is to share the latest trends from the community and support the artists whose creative spark keeps it alive. See through our eyes the light in the darkness.