Interview with MyWitchery – The First Place Sponsor in “Vampire Goddess” 2019

In October 2019 World Gothic Models started the new Halloween edition of the beauty contest “Vampire Goddess”. Today we present you MyWitchery who were the 1-st place sponsors in the competition.

The models who participated were 23 from 13 countries and 3 continets, but only one lady reached the top and this is Catherine de Crumbenowe from Czech Republic. She won the wonderful bat headpiece by MyWitchery.

Now we will take a closer look to the artists who stand behind this brand. Welcome to MyWitchery duo!

1. Share with us who stands behind My Witchery brand?

It’s me, model and designer Katrin Lanfire  and my Ukrainian friend Twiddy Schadenfreude. He is a professional hairdresser, so all of our wonderful rococo wigs are his creations.

2. What kind of artwork do you make? Any specific style?

I could call it gothic/dark fantasy designs with a touch of historical and pagan styles.

3. How long you create items in your style? When did you start and what was your first creation?

I`ve started with making headdresses a long time ago in Ukraine, when I realized that I can`t find a proper accessories for my photo shootings or gothic events.

From the start it was simple creations just for myself, but with time I improved my skills and people began to be interested in my headdresses.

Being in Ukraine I decided to open an Etsy shop and did that in 2014, but actually it started to work in the end of 2015. After some time my best friend, Twiddy Schadenfreude joined this project with his styled wigs and headpieces, so now we`re running this business together.

In 2017 I moved to Germany and now I`m finally closer to my European friends, customers and stunning gothic events!

My first memorable creation was a big horned crown, inspired of Maleficent, for one of gothic balls in Belgium.

4. You were one of the of the sponsors of this year`s gothic beauty contest “Vampire Goddess” 2019. You provided a prize for the I-st place – an incredible Bat Headpiece. Tell us a bit more how you came up with the idea of this award, any story behind it?

In 2018 I joined this competition as well and was very happy to see so many beautiful faces, so in 2019 I simply wanted to take a part as a sponsor. When I thought about a prize, only one design came to my mind: total black bat headdress, which can highlight the beauty of the Vampire Goddess in the best way and go with many outfits.

5. What the fans and followers can expect from you in the near future? Any new collaborations and events? 

We have some big secret plans for 2020, but now I can say, we will continue to collaborate with some of favorite models, photographers and designers.

In November 2019 in Gent (Belgium), at fantasy and gothic ball Danza Luna, we presented our joint collection of clothes and headdresses with my dear friend Alice Corsets. We plan to do it again in 2020.

Also, as usual,  it will be Wave Gothic Treffen in Leipzig, Venice carnival and, perhaps, M’era Luna festival.

6. Share with us how much the Goth style is known in Ukraine and Germany? In your opinion what people like most about it?

I’m not sure if in Ukraine this classical gothic style is still a thing :D, but in Germany dark scene is alive.

I can’t say what exactly people like the most, because it’s a mixture of lifestyle, music, aesthetic preferences, philosophy… But of course, appearance also matters and gives a huge scope for creativity.

7. In the end of our interview, what would you like to advice the fans of the magickal gothic lifestyle?

– Fear nothing, enjoy your unusualness, develop your talents and be open to the world! –

Here you can find MyWitcheryFacebook, Instagram, Etsy.


WGM Team
WGM Team
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