GOTH QUEEN 2018 Alexandria Gothe: “I am just a normal person with tons of Goth experience” – Part I

Alexandria Gothe a.k.a. Barbie Gothe) is the 1-st place winner of the contest “Goth Queen” for year 2018 as Barbie Gothe, organized by World Gothic Models and the sponsors who supported it. She is from Tallahassee, Florida, USA and she competed with more than 30 other ladies from all over the world. For the first place Alexandria Gothe won a crown and a scepter by the brand Plamendura Art from Bulgaria. Beautiful, inteligent, artistic and good story teller, here is what Alexandria tells us about her Gothic World.

1. Hello Alexandira Gothe, introduce yourself to the audience of World Gothic Models and everyone, who are you?

Well, I am really just one lucky Goth! Haha, okay really, I started dressing in styles that would eventually be known as Gothic around 1985 when I was still just a teenager. I was very small for fourteen, and very poor and the bigger kids bullied me a lot. I would run away from them and hide in the cemetery in my town to avoid getting beaten up. The bullies were afraid of the graveyards, so they left me alone when I stayed in them.

I started to become interested in the beautiful crypts and headstones of that graveyard and from there began reading novels that were Gothic in nature such as Dracula, Frankenstein, and Edgar Allen Poe.  I started to listen to new bands on the radio who’s lyrics and tones spoke to me like the Cure, Joy Division and Sisters of Mercy. I had developed a true appreciation for the aesthetic beauty in the macabre. In those days before the internet and cell phones I was completely cut off from any other person who dressed or thought like I did. I had no idea that all around the world a new subculture was springing up that would soon be called the Goths. Back then, there was no Goth, only Post Punk from which Goths were born.

For the next thirty-three years I grew along with the Gothic subculture never once leaving my dark roots behind. I raised a family, went to college, began a career, and lived every single day Gothic from my clothes, music and way of seeing beauty where others do not. I tried the fashion of each new Subculture as it rose up from the Trad Goth to the Cyber Goth and everyone in between. I enjoyed every second of it.

On the negative side, I did pay dearly for adhering so tightly to my dark appearance by losing many friends, job opportunities and even at times, was beaten up and threatened for it.  No matter what, I have never stopped pushing the limits of the artistic expression of fashion and dark fantasy in my personal appearance in all these years.

So, I guess I am just a normal person with tons of experience when it comes to artistic expression of Gothic fashion and lifestyle.  I still listen to almost exclusively Gothic bands, too many to list here, and I still watch and read almost all Gothic novels and movies. I create new Gothic inspired looks almost every day. I never miss a chance to go to a local or regional Goth Club to dance till I drop.  I never bore of it and I will be Goth till they finally put me to rest.

2. Tell us more about how you first became interested in and began Gothic modeling including how long you have been modeling Gothic style.

While I truly enjoy modeling, I do not see it as a career.  I do this for fun and for the love of Gothic style and artistic expression. I started modeling back in 1988, when I posed for a billboard designed to get people to come to a county fair. Then I modeled in the late 90’s for a college photography group to inspire interest in photography classes. In the early 2000’s I modeled for a knife making company and around 2010 I modeled for a young photographer that used my pictures for advertising. He eventually went on to become professional.

I didn’t begin professionally modeling exclusively for Gothic style until last year. I started with a local clubs Goth night and for a couple of regional Gothic shops.   Then, around January of this year I finally hired a professional photographer and began submitting to various magazines and businesses. I was published three times in magazines before the contest began in June and have been asked to do some modeling for a Gothic shop in my region.

3.  What inspires you to be creative on how you show the goth style from your perspective/point of view?

I would say the music of the Goth subculture has always been my muse. I listen to songs and while listening ideas for new looks come from the stories these songs tell. I also draw much inspiration from myths and legends of the ancients as well as from modern Dark/Gothic genre films.

4.  Do you have any Goth idol and what you like about him/her?

Since I started dressing and behaving as what became known as Gothic long before such a thing existed I can’t say I had/have any Goth idols. In my time, this subculture was very young and still associated with the Post Punk movement, so idols of the Gothic style really were not very common and there was no internet to see what others were doing in our newborn subculture. I did however, look up to Grace Jones a British/Jamaican supermodel and actress of my day (late 70’s to late 80’s).  She was cutting edge in a time of intense conformity. Ms. Jones pushed the limits of style in my time and she made no apologies for it. I admit I wanted to grow up to be just like her, beautiful, stylish, unique and independent. Ms. Jones was described as “beautiful and grotesque at the same time” once and there is nothing more Goth than that!!! 🙂

5. You bеcаmе the Goth Queen 2018 in the contest organized by World Gothic Models. How do you feel about that?

Winning the Goth Queen 2018 contest was one of the finest days of my life.  I am forever grateful to my fans and to WGM for allowing me to earn this magnificent title and job!

6. What do you think a Goth Queen should do to show her glamour and earn people’s hearts and approval?

That’s a very good question.  I have heard it said that a “good Queen knows how to rule her people, but a great Goth Queen knows how to serve her people.”  So, what does it mean to serve the people as a Goth Queen?

I think the Goth Queen would present many beautiful photos on a regular basis that demonstrates her style, poise and ability to her fans.  I think the Goth Queen would take much time to get to know her fans, answer questions when she can. She should travel to Gothic events whenever possible to be seen and to promote the Gothic lifestyle

The Goth Queen would and should promote local/regional and world small businesses that promote the Gothic way of life whenever possible without charging in an effort to help these small businesses grow and spread Gothic art.  For example, when providing the fans good photos of her Gothic glamor and poise that is not intended for her contracts she should attempt to incorporate items from these small businesses into her outfits.

I am already doing much of the list above but there is always something more that could be done.   I aspire to be a great Goth Queen. So, last I believe as Goth Queen I need to take the time to ask my fans, WGM and Plamendura Art if there is not something more that I can do for them.

7. You already received the prize from our 1st place sponsor Plamendura Art, tell us more about your reactions, what is it, how you feel at all having it and being official model of the brand, Goth Queen 2018 and everything you want to share.

Oh! I could talk about this one all day, but I will try to keep it short.  I was so pleased by Plamendura‘s prize I had trouble keeping back my tears of joy as I unboxed it on video.  Her work is amazing and her attention to detail beyond perfect. I received both a crown and a trophy both are handmade, and hand painted by Plamendura herself with much love and care. I cannot say enough good things about her prizes except that I admit I wear the crown everywhere now it is so beautiful!!!

I am both proud and humbled to be the official model of her brand.  I believe in her work and can’t wait to see all the wonderful things she has coming in the next year! I admit she has won my heart and long after I hand my crown to the next Goth Queen I will be proud to continue to model for her anytime she asks me.  She is a beautiful person both professionally and personally and if she is a sponsor for next year, I would say the next model to win her contract is one lucky model indeed!!!!

As for how I feel about being Goth Queen 2018, I am also humbled and proud.  It is a lot of hard work but so worth all of it. The WGM has been very good to me and promotes my work as well as the beautiful work of so many other models, there really are no words strong enough to use to describe the gratitude I feel for them. I will do all in my power to help to continue to promote the WGM and other aspiring models throughout my year reign and long beyond. 

8.  As we know you really support the Gothic Art worldwide which is very praiseworthy. Can you share with us which are your favorite gothic fashion brands and what you like about them?

Oh, so many brands I love and admire.  I of course love Plamendura Art as you all have already heard.  I also love the work of all the sponsors from this year’s contest and have purchased items from all but two of them…and will be purchasing from those two very soon.

My favorite dresses are made by Punk Rave, Dark in Love, Alice Corsets and Dress art mystery. All these brands have one thing in common, they all have new and unique designs frequently.  They are also very versatile and often many different types of materials in their many designs. Punk Rave and Dark in love tend to be a bit less pricey but all the designers are worth whatever they charge.  For shoes, I always buy Demonia. I love their platforms and their versatility as well. They have a shoe for every Goth occasion! They also are comfortable and hold up well. These are a few of my favorites, I admit I am always looking for new stores and brands to support. I love small etsy Goth shops and I spend many hours seeking them out and when I find good ones, I support them in every way possible!

9. How can you describe your personal Goth Stereotype of wardrobe you present in your photo shoots? Which is your favorite Stereotype of all?

Well that is a tough one since I tend to love many of the Goth stereotypes and in my long Gothic life I have tried most of them at least once.  I lean toward Romantic Goth, Strega Goth (from Italian Strega means Witch), Vampire Goth and Victorian Goth in most of my shoots. I would say the Strega Goth and Romantic Goth are my favorite stereotypes of all time.

10. What advice can you give the girls who want to become gothic models? What advice can you offer to the newborn goth models?

Well I have to be really honest here.  First, I think my best advice is to do your research on what it is and takes to be a Gothic model and if you’re not ready for disappointment and hard work, turn back now!

Next, I would advise any girl that is serious about modeling to invest in a healthy wardrobe filled with clothing from the fashion lines she wishes to represent or at least more than a couple of good Goth dresses. Gothic modeling is very competitive as is all modeling and to be noticed a new model will need to stand out, and wearing good clothes is a good start. 

Also, I would advise getting a really good photographer! A bad photographer can make a good model look bad, so do some research and get a good/great one! New models need to build a decent portfolio that is constantly up to date and unfortunately that also costs some money.

So, the last bit of advice I can offer is make sure you still have a good job other than modeling so you can pay for these things and follow your dreams. She will need to be ready for much criticism and competition.  If she makes it, it is completely worth it, but the journey will be hard for most. So, keep the faith and keep trying.

To be continued…
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