VELIAN – Kings of the Bulgarian Symphonic Gothic Metal

We have the great honor to share with you another amazing band that deserves to be noticed worldwide. We present you Velian from Bulgaria – a real pearl for our collection of high quality world gothic metal music.

The band Velian is the brainchild of five well known musicians on the Bulgarian underground metal scene. Some publications in the Bulgarian press called it a “trueundergroundsuper-group”.

The band consists of musicians who played in acts such as Wartime, Fanagoria, PhyX, Progression and many more and have extensive concert experience having opened for the likes of Gamma Ray, Rhapsody of Fire, Rage, Therion, Eluveitie, Diary of Dreams, Atrocity and Leave’sEyes.

Since its formation in 2015 the band has played festivals in Romania and Bulgaria opening for Kamelot, Moonspell (Maximum Rock Festival, Bucharest, Romania, 2016), Kreator, Eluveitie, DragonForce, Rotting Christ (Metalhead Meeting, Bucharest, Romania, 2016), Kreator, Paradise Lost, Powerwolf, Tiamat (Sofia Metal Fest, Bulgaria, 2016), Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Sabaton etc. (Hills of Rock, Bulgaria, 2018), W.A.S.P., Avantasia, Firewind, Rage, Destruction (Varna Rock Fest, Varna, Bulgaria, 2019), Myrath, Warrel Dane, Diary of Dreams and others.

The band is known for its great live shows, the visual effects, costumes and multimedia used on stage.

Velian’s style of music, which the musicians themselves define as “darkmetal”, is a mix of gothic and symphonic metal with a pinch of melodeath. Velian’s debut EP “Fireflies” was released on the 29th of February 2016 and has received critical acclaim from the Bulgarian medias praising the production for its quality of sound and the dark yet powerful and romantic sensation created by Velian’s music.

In October 2016 the band released their short movie Fairytale of Love and Lose comprised by the two songs Graveyard of Love and Maiden of Stone.

In February 2017 the band released their single “Burning Halo” feat. Matthew Wicklund from Ghost Ship Octavius, former guitar player for Warrel Dane, God Forbid, Himsa etc.

In January 2019 the band released their debut album “Godless” which received scores 10/10 from the two leading metal medias in Bulgaria.

The second VELIAN’s full length album is due to be released in near future and it will consist 12 tracks. The band has released three of them as singles at this time.

The band’s concept and its message is related to the destructive materialism, the lack of values and the sustain ability issues which characterize our society and way of life. The steampunk stage costumes, the band’s videos and the multimedia present on their concerts further contribute to the band’s image.

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