MODEL OF THE YEAR 2020 – Stage 2 – TOP 10 Reposting!

Dear friends, fans and followers of World Gothic Models! it`s time for the Second Stage of our contest “Model of the Year” for 2020! 

This is the second edition of our new competition Model of the Year and it is something different from our usual contests during the year – this time the models are chosen in advance by you, the fans from our Instagram profile! Models from all over the world tag us on their images and we publish the best shots periodically on our gallery on Instagram. The models’ best pictures, that received the most *hearts* for the current week, become models of the week on our Stories and represent our page by displaying them on our profile image during the week. We collected this data and right after the year 2020 ended we organize this contest with the models you loved the most. Who will get through the all 3 stages and will become the No.1 Model of 2020? You will help us in this mission! 

Every model has an opportunity to be nominated more than once. Be inspired to create wonderful gothic pictures and share them with the world. Winners from other contests by WGM can participate in Model of the Year selections. Keep tagging us in order to be part of the fun we create for you all!

Last year’s winner was Genoveva Bizzar (ex-Lady Atropin) and she got her own merch at our store with designs by World Gothic Models. You can visit her Topic Shop HERE:

First stage ended and we have our Top 10 Models who were ranked by you by voting on our poll.

It was an interesting dynamic process and now we have finally our lead 10 positions.

The 2nd stage – Instagram reposts:

It starts from 2.03. to 9.03.2021 – The models, who take the first 10 places, equal their results from the voting so far. That gives them a chance to be equally evaluated by the supporters!

The 10 images will be published on our Instagram, where you can choose your favorite model/s and repost her/their picture to your IG profile in a public mode with the hashtag #wgmmoty2020top3, mention the model’s Instagram name and mention us with @worldgothicmodelss in the description box of the repost.

! How to repost? Make ascreenshot with your favorite image/s or use the Reposting App.

! Don`t forget to follow OUR PAGE on IG as well, it will help you to validate your votes! The more you repost correctly, the better chances your favorite model has to get to the TOP 3 most preferred potential winners and the 3rd stage, who will be judged by the WGM team and will announce No.1 Model of the Year for 2020!

– You can repost at least once per day your vote to support your favorite model;
– Profiles and Votes, clearly and obviously created/made only because this contest and stage, doesn’t count! We will check all supporting profiles!

10. @rehnstillnight, Italy – 3.13% (31 votes)

9. @amyxfrey, Poland – 3.23% (32 votes)


8. @heavenqueen__, UK – 3.33% (33 votes)


7. @linalordi, Russia – 4.94% (49 votes)


6. @lidiyamayvemodel, USA – 5.55% (55 votes)


5. @elixirblack, Australia – 5.65% (56 votes)


4. @nosferotika & @canivalthecannibal, – Brazil 6.26% (62 votes)


3. @lisaranel, Turkey – 12.01% (119 votes)


2. @melyna_aelyssxenia, Argentina – 12.71% (126 votes)


1. @lilithlaveyofficial, USA – 19.68% (195 votes)

The WINNER will receive:

  • She will receive merch from the Original WGM Designed Merch;
  • She will have her own merch on our Merch Store under her name, we will create designs for her, representing her goth energy and vibes by sharing them with the world;
  • She will have the chance to participate in WGM further projects as our Official model for promotions, commercials and the like.

Good luck to all!

WGM Team
WGM Team
WGM promotes Gothic culture and alternative self-expression. Our mission is to share the latest trends from the community and support the artists whose creative spark keeps it alive. See through our eyes the light in the darkness.