UPDATE: VAMPIRE ROYALTY 2022 – Stage 2 – Poll Voting

The First stage of the contest Vampire Royalty 2022 has finally ended and we have our Top 10 Models who were ranked by you at the voting on our first poll.

It was an interesting dynamic process and now we have finally our lead 10 positions.


The 2nd stage is here!

The models, who took the first 10 places, equal their results from the voting so far. That gives them a chance to be equally evaluated by the supporters, fans, friends, and everybody who wants their favorite to get ranked on the fist 7 places, chosen by our amazing sponsors!


  • Each image of every contestant is displayed one under another. After choosing your favorite image by marking the little circle before the Model’s name, you have to scroll down to the bottom side of the voting platform. Then, click on the correct Captcha symbol and tap on the button VOTE to finish the procedure;
  • The name of every contestant is under his image (you will see the arrow up);
  • You can VOTE ONLY ONCE per 24 hours in the span of 10 days, so consider very well who you would like to support to get to the top;
  • The voting starts from 8th of April from 11:00 GMT+2 to 20th of April, 2023, 23:59 GMT+2. When the voting ends, the results will be displayed and we will have the TOP 7 for the final stage of the contest – our Sponsors’ votes.

The honored sponsors this year are:

驪 1. Anne Stokes & EMP (UK) – a paid photoshoot for the upcoming Gothicana clothing range between the two brands in 2023:


驪 2. Nox Arcana/Monolith Graphics/Joseph Vargo (USA) – an exclusive merch package with music, books, greeting cards, tarot cards and more:


驪 3. Scarlet Darkness (China):

3 items by choice from their official website,

– The winner will become a collaborator/an official model of their brand,

– A very special discount coupon for all Viewers and interactors in this contest – everyone can get a 20% Off everything by using ” worldgothicmodels ” (without quotation marks) during the checkout of your order/s at www.scarletdarkness.com


驪 4. Patine Noire (Germany) – gift card for €300;


驪 5. Plamendura Art (Bulgaria) – an official artist of WGMworkshop – a gothic vampire goblet and jewelry


驪 6. AniBu Arts&Crafts (Bulgaria) – an official artist of WGMworkshop – Wine Red Goat Plush Toy


7. Gothic Rosette (Hungary) – a gothic cross pendant


Bellow you can see the Gallery list of the participants in this year’s VAMPIRE ROYALTY 2022 Contest! Now is your turn to pick your favorite models and help the sponsors choose the winners!

Voting Poll for Stage 2 of Vampire Royalty 2022:

WGM Team
WGM Team
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