Update! “Vampire God or Goddess” 2020 Voting!

UPDATE – 16.11.2020, 20:50 GMT+2!

To all of you, who participate in our contest Vampire God-Goddess 2020.

We would like to let you know that we have to make some changes in the contest voting due to an unexpected situation – view our official statment here. So we had to stop the voting on our website and to create 3rd stage of the competition.


From today 16.11. until 23.11.2020 we introduce you the 3rd new stage of our competition.

The models, who took the first 10 places, equal their results from the voting so far. That give them a chance to be equally evaluated again, but this time by our amazing Sponsors of this competition! They will have time to take part in the selection of the first three winners from the top 10 candidates so far. Here is the current ranking.

1. No. 27. Felicity Hawthorn-Chapman, UK 

2. No. 22. Debbie Todd, UK 

3. No. 59. NoxPrincessa, USA 

4. No. 44. Lilith Vampyre, UK 

5. No. 67. Sara Zimmermann, Germany 

6. No. 25. Emma Goodband, UK 

7. No. 64. Ria Naden, UK 

8. No. 48. Magdalena von Helfenstein, Czech Republic 

9. No. 53. Michelle Ulber, USA 

10. No. 29. Gatto Nero Katzenkunst, Germany 

Within 7 days the results of the jury will be collected and we will announce the three winners.

Good luck to all!


Dear friends, fans and followers of World Gothic Models! We would like to introduce you “Vampire God or Goddess” Contest 2020! 

In this year’s edition participate 76 contestants from age 14 to 68 from 25 countries – UK, USA, Malta, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, Belarus, Russia, Norway, Australia, The Netherlands, France, Brazil, Czech Republic, Croatia, Japan, Argentina, Luxemburg, Portugal, Turkey, New Zeland, Greece, Belgium and Hungary.

Those of you who reach the Top 3 places in the contest with most votes will be our winners. They will win awesome prizes by our incredible sponsors – Anne Stokes (UK), Joseph Vargo from Nox Arcana & Monolith Graphics (USA) and Vampfangs (USA). You can see more details about them and pictures of the prizes HERE.


  • Each image is displayed one under another for best viewing of every contestant. After choosing your favorite image, you have to scroll down to the bottom side of the voting platform. Then, click on the correct Captcha symbol and tap on the button VOTE to finish the procedure;
  • The name of every contestant is under his image;
  • You can VOTE ONLY ONCE per 24 hours in the span of 18 days, so consider very well who you would like to support to get to the top;
  • The models in the Top 3 who collect the most votes will win the prizes by our sponsors mentioned above;
  • The voting starts from 8th November to 26th November, 2020, 23:59 GMT+2. When voting ends the results will be desplayed and we will announce the winners;

Bellow you can see the Gallery list of the participians in this year’s Vampire God or Goddess 2020 Contest! Now is your turn to pick the winners!

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Time left to vote: 1346 days 19 hours and 45 minutes
Vote for your favorite Vampire God or Goddess for 2020! The models with the highest result in the top 3 will be our lucky winners!
11830 votes

Good luck to all from World Gothic Models Team!

WGM Team
WGM Team
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