Official Statement about Vampire Contest 2020 Change of Rules

A lot of you are asking why the voting in the contest suddenly stopped, why there was a drastic leap of the votes of some of the lead positions, why without any warning the rules had been changed, why there was no official announcement yet about those things… The answer is only one – because of you all (for good or bad).

The voting was stopped because we received reports for bullying and accusations of cheating, which is absolutely inadmissible, against our rules and totally unrespectful to all participants in this event. We had to take time to check all the resources and evidence we have got and decide what type of immediate solution we have to apply.

Our systems reported an influx of votes in an impossibly short time, used to change the vote and unfairly reach the top positions. Whether the participants themselves are aware of it or not, what has been done has been done.

The changes were absolutely necessary to save the contest. The event took an unexpected direction, which only upset and disappointed us. Our sponsors will help to select the winners in the TOP 3 by criteria for overall aesthetic, make-up, fashion, style, setting, mood, photography, and how well the model reflects the gothic / vampiric spirit. This is the only fair option left to select the real winners.

Our only goal was and always would be to create a unique artistic event in which we can all have fun together, gather like-minded people and support and appreciate the talent of everyone who is part of this competition.

We did not immediately share publicly the reason for the changes, as we needed time to investigate the case in detail, contact those involved and clarify things, which we have every right to do.

For the organization, preparation and promotion of this and any other competition so far we have not received any benefits from working on them, we have only given – a field for expression, energy, effort, time, love and hope to find more people like us. Keep in mind that everyone participates free of charge, not as elsewhere they require to raise capital for the prizes.

The final results of who will be the winners of this edition of Vampire God*Goddess contest will be announced after 23.11.2020. Stick around.

Our mission to discover the precious diversity of Goths and Goth Culture worldwide will continue. We will still be looking for the best ways to represent them to the world.

WGM Team
WGM Team
WGM promotes Gothic culture and alternative self-expression. Our mission is to share the latest trends from the community and support the artists whose creative spark keeps it alive. See through our eyes the light in the darkness.