Saigon Blue Rain from France with New Video!

Let us introduce you the incredible French ethereal/cold wave duo Saigon Blue Rain who just released their new video “We Ask for Pain” from the latest album “Pink Obsession” (2019):

The song “We Ask For Pain” is a critical of the way most of us are still living whereas we are all conscious of the current state of emergency we are drowning in. Complaisance in futile pleasures overrides danger and most of us hopes for a better future without acting for it.

In the video clip, the two young girls are the reprensentation of this recklessness and casualness, taking pictures of themselves, laughing and flirting whereas we can feel an uneasy feeling, violence became ordinary and insignificant in front of shallowness.

At the same time, we have this character (played by the singer Ophelia) who is telling her story (dressed in a BDSM harness), conscient that she’s dying but maybe willing of her fate…

 Franck Pelliccioli and Ophélie Lecomte, Saigon Blue Rain

“Pink Obsession”, third album of the band Saigon Blue Rain is leaving these sombre and concrete waters to embrace artificial sparkling neon skies. Indeed, synth is getting its full scope pushing intentionally guitars into the emotional background, whereas vocals are becoming prominent, leaving ethereal scales and sending out a shameless message to the listener’s ear, like interior voices in BPD or We Ask For Pain.

The electro-pop tone dominates to deliver colourful landscapes like so many states of mind, sometimes marred by a few recollections from the past incarnated by a little child’s voice on Solstice, still imploring or avenging guitars on Incubus Mine. Like a slow relief process towards lightness of being, pink colour is the new black.

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Here is more about the band:

Saigon Blue Rain, formerly Stupid Bitch Reject was formed in september 2012 by Ophélie Lecomte and Franck PelliccioliTheir first self-titled EP, released in 2013 has been critically acclaimed. Then, they released two albums between 2014 and 2016 which give them the opportunity to perform in famous dark festivals such as Wave Gotik Treffen or NCN Festival and to support on their german tour, the Swiss band The Beauty Of Gemina.


This duo combines the french roots with the typical wavey sounds that remind of the classical new-wave and ethereal wave such as The Cure, And Also The Trees or Cocteau Twins, melted with shoegaze or Dream pop influences and so, they form a sound image that you won’t hear everyday. On April 25th 2019 their new album Pink Obsession has been released on Dichronaut Records, which shows a significant move towards a more modern approach in their sound.

Here you can contact the band:
E-mail: [email protected]
Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube


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