Katatonia with New Album “City Burials” on 24th April 2020!


Okay guys! This year 2020 starts with amazing news around our favorite music bands! This time the Swedish progressive dark metal band Katatonia!

After their last album The Fall of Hearts (2016) the band is back with surprises! Here is what the musicians share with the fans one hour ago:

“OUR NEW ALBUM “CITY BURIALS” is set to be released via Peaceville Records on 24th April 2020! Listen to first single “LACQUER” now.

▬ Pre-orders live from 10am GMT / 11am CET tomorrow (31st Jan) ▬

In days and nights of black and silver, the dead end king will come. From pieces of broken mirrors there will be a crown bestowed upon his head. In reflections of shattered glass not only the seasons will turn, but also the change disguised by the lapse of time. His mind will have to come to bear the weight of everything that was left behind and forgotten. Archiving the inaccessible. Celebrating the abandoned and mourning the destroyed. The city burials.Anders Nyström

With the winds of a new direction steering the band on their latest journey, City Burials stands as Katatonia’s new triumph of deep & enigmatic progressive rock – the fruits of a rejuvenating and profound chapter in the band’s legacy; a catalyst for its creators, with a collection of moments constructed out of the fragments of an ever-evolving life. Compiled into one of their most important modern works and statements to date, the finely-honed instrumentation provides a multi-textured backdrop with the voice of Jonas Renkse guiding us through these latest trials of loss and ruin. ” – check the original post here.

Here are some older tracks that we love:

And here are some emblematic tracks by Katatonia on Spotify:

More news are about to come so stay tuned!


WGM Team
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