GOTH QUEEN 2018 Alexandria Gothe: “We need to support each other and our differences as best as we can!” – Part II

Alexandria Gothe a.k.a. Barbie Gothe is the 1-st place winner of the contest “Goth Queen” for year 2018 as Barbie Gothe, organized by World Gothic Models and the sponsors who supported it. She is from Tallahassee, Florida, USA and she competed with more than 30 other ladies from all over the world. For the first place Alexandria Gothe won a crown and a scepter by the brand Plamendura Art from Bulgaria. Beautiful, inteligent, artistic and good story teller, here is what Alexandria tells us about her Gothic World.

11.  What can you say about the modern Gothic Fashion these days?

As you know when I started dressing Gothic there were no Gothic clothing stores at all. So, a Goth had to DIY everything! The styles the Goths wore were unique but often not much to work with.  I love the modern fashion diversity and creativity. It is so wonderful to simply type in a word on the computer and find so much in the way of fashion ideas, materials, and new creations every day.

On the downside, I am not comfortable with the large amount of nudity that is now called Goth fashion.  I am not a prude, but I don’t understand how a naked girl can be called Gothic Modeling? If she isn’t wearing clothing, what is she modeling? That being said, I would like to quote Sophia Loren who said, “A woman’s dress should be like a barbed wire fence, serving its purpose without obstructing the view.” I am a believer that Gothic fashion is supposed to be sexy and beautiful by offering mystery.  It isn’t mysterious if there is nothing left to the imagination. So, I love the modern styles when they still offer mystery on the body. 😉

12.   Do you have any motto and what is it? How it helps you in your path in life?

My mottos are: “It is literally true that you succeed best and quickest by helping others succeed” and “refuse to be ordinary.”

I have learned over my many years that helping someone else get where they are going adds extra reward to your own journey. I always make time to help others whenever I can.  I love to watch someone reach the stars and see their dreams come true. As for the other motto, haha, I have always been myself even when it is not popular. I make no excuses for how I dress, what I believe or how I live.  I also do not tell anyone else how to dress, live or believe. I think that everyone needs to find their own path, their own way. Helping someone is one thing, pushing them is something I won’t do.

13. What is the difference between Elitism and a persons personal opinions about what is considered to be part of the Goth subculture? Why is it so hard tor people to understand the difference and what is the truth about Elitism?

This is a tough question to answer. First I will answer what Elitism as I understand it. I have heard a lot about Elitism lately and in order to answer this question one must first know what Elitism is actually. Elitism in the context of the Gothic world is referring to a group of individuals with a certain level of experience who believe they deserve influence or authority greater than that of others in our culture (mainly younger Goths). 

Elitist Goths push their belief systems on other Goths regarding what is Goth and what is not Goth and if any Goth does not follow the Elitists vision of what is and is not Goth this Elitist will dub the non-conforming Goth (s) as “not a real Goth.” The Elitists have done much damage to the Gothic Subculture as of late in that many young Goths, baby bats and other interested groups are kept out of this very small niche Subculture by various often cruel tactics such as alienation, bullying and snubbing.

The next part of this question is what is a personal opinion?  Now a personal opinion is a different story all together. A personal opinion about what is Goth and what is not, is just that personal and while it may be voiced by the Goth with the opinion, it is not enforced by tactics discussed already.  For example, some Goths do not believe in subgroup stereotypes of Goth. They may say, “the Pastel Goth is not a Goth.” However, if this is only the personal opinion (or preference if you will) they will only say such a thing and not attempt to snub, bully or alienate the Pastel Goths. 😉

Everyone has the right to their opinion about what is Goth and what is not, but do understand the Gothic Subculture does not/did not really define what is Goth or not Goth in the first place.  Society dubbed us Goth and whether we like it or not the Society of non-Goths, media and other venues that are not Goth continue to have a strong hand in the definition of what is Goth. Think on this a minute, did you call yourself a Goth or did you get labeled a Goth by non-Goths?  I bet your answer if honest is that others around you that are not Goths are the first ones to call you a Goth, your friends, parents, or other non-Goths likely started that label for you. 😉

So why is it so hard for people to understand the difference?  I would say that is because most people Goth or not Goth do not like to be criticized in any way.  A personal opinion may be voiced by an Elder more experienced Goth and a younger Goth may take serious offense to this simple opinion and yell “Elitist!”  However, as long as the Elder Goth is only making a statement of their opinion who is to say they have no right to believe such? The reason it is so hard for people to understand the difference is that most people don’t really know what the difference is.

It becomes more than a personal opinion when the Elder or more experienced Goth begins to take action rather than just a few comments. Gothic is about non-conforming to the social norms. So it is a very personal and unique experience for each of us. No matter who you are and no matter your level of experience you will have your own personal preferences and belief systems about what is Goth.  It is okay to have them, just don’t push your beliefs onto other Goths and interfere with their personal expression of Goth.

It is also important to understand that at this moment there are at least three generations of Goths above ground living together. As in all generational situations there will be difficulty between them to see eye to eye. The Elder Goths are now in their 4th and 5th decades, and so much has changed in such a short time.  One only need to think of their own Grandparents and Parents and realize that you did not understand them anymore than they understood you. Your worlds were very different and conflict from time to time is inevitable.

The important thing to remember is that younger Goths should respect the Elders as the Elders should respect the younger. If all the generations work together Goth would grow in amazing ways! But that would be a perfect dark world…haha…and probably just fantasy. <3

Now the last part of this question, what is the truth about Elitism?  Well some may not like what I have to say about this but here it is. The Gothic lifestyle is full of many different personalities and how and why people live this lifestyle is as varied as the stars. For some, being Goth is really the only world in which they feel they have some level of power because of their unique experience forgetting that ALL Goths are unique! So, what is the truth of Elitism? Elitism is really only a person or persons who through their own fears of being viewed as unimportant and/or non-powerful push their own personal opinions (right or wrong) onto other younger or weaker members of the group in an effort to exclude new ideas, values or creations out of the Elitists fear that change would result in their losing the small amount of power they have acquired in that group.

Elitists are threatened by change or creativity and will always do their best to keep anyone who represents such things out of their group. Elitists will tell you that certain music is Goth, and one has to dress a certain way to be Goth, and on and on. This is a lie.There is not a definition of Goth. “To be Goth is to find Beauty where others cannot” is only one of hundreds of definitions I have heard over the years. It is as good as any, and as bad as any. 

The Gothic subculture did begin because of the music scene of the late 70’s and early 80’s, but that is still not the complete definition of what Goth is really either. And let’s face it our music changes so why do Goths expect that other things about us will not? So, who is any one person (even myself as one of the First Generation) to have the right to tell any other Goth what Goth is? I will say (guys this is what is known as a personal opinion and not Elitism because I am saying it but not attempting in any way to enforce it nor would I ever snub any Goth who does not agree with me) that I think black roses are absolutely gorgeous and I love the Sisters of Mercy.  With that said, I will add, I love these things but if I had to look at nothing but black roses and listen to nothing but Sisters of Mercy with nothing new for the rest of my life I would go mad.

Change is absolutely necessary for the Gothic Subculture to continue to survived into the coming decades. Their is no place in a culture known for its NON-CONFORMITY for Elitism. We as Goths need to learn to accept each others very unique expressions and just get over ourselves. <3

14. What do you plan in future? Any collaborations and events?

Oh yes so many! I have lots of new Collaborations with Plamendura Art of course.  I am doing a shoot with a new and upcoming photographer (Bella Marie Photography) next weekend that I am very excited about. I have a very large shoot coming up next month for a magazine and I am not at liberty to say the name yet, but I have been told I may get the cover (yay!). That being said, I have many shoots upcoming for various magazines but at this moment I model only for Plamendura Art . I am her official model and represent the brand. I deeply believe in loyalty. 🙂

As for supporting my regional Gothic Subculture by attending events, I am to attend the new Underground club in Savannah GA on the first Tuesday of September, and I am attending the Dark City Gothic Ball also in September.  I have the Vampires Ball in Savannah in early October, and the Vampires Ball in New Orleans in late October. I have several trips to Tampa’s Castle and The Pegasus Lounge Dominion before December.

I am trying to work in a visit to DragonCon in Atlanta at the end of the month to support the Cruxshadows as they play in the states for the first time in a while. I will be headed to Jacksonville Florida next weekend to meet up with the Cruxshadows’ violinist and support her local shop Subculture Corsets.  It is my deepest desire to attend the WGT next spring and I am planning a trip to New York to see the darkwave band DaGiest whom are wonderful people and have been big supporters for me for the last year.

15. What hobbies you have and what do you like to do in your free time?

I listen to music, dance, do some leather work, bead loom and work out.  I also enjoy looking at Gothic art and reading.

16.  What would you tell to the new Goth Queens of World Gothic Models’ contests in future?

I would tell the new Goth Queens that being the Goth Queen is a real pleasure, but it’s a HUGE responsibility. I think that to show her glamour she should spend her year being careful about her image (avoid negative behaviors) and demonstrate only grace, beauty and class.  The Goth Queen is royalty and this royalty granted her by the people should never be abused by the Queen in any way with regard to her sponsor, WGM, the gothic subculture and the fans. The Goth Queen should keep all her contractual promises to her sponsors and to WGM. She should act as Ambassador for WGM by promoting the Goth Queen contest for the next year and she should demonstrate much grace and demure when passing on her crown to the next Goth Queen.  Last, I think the Goth Queen should keep promises she makes to her fans and help other aspiring models by answering questions and providing sound advice when asked for it.

17.  What message can you send to all Gothic fans around the world?

I would say to Gothic fans around the world that Goth is a wonderful way to express your unique self and can be a very happy lifestyle.  I would also say it does come with some sacrifices. Dressing, and living Goth can hurt your chances at some jobs in some places, and it can cause people who don’t understand Gothic lifestyle to immediately make many negative judgements about you.  It is a hard lifestyle to live when you have no support system, so Goths should do all they can to support each other via the internet and in Gothic groups.

Our culture is going through many changes, some good, some bad.  I would tell the Gothic world that in order for our subculture to survive into the coming decades we need to support each other and our differences as best as we can. There are many young ones (baby bats) out there who could use some non-judgmental friendly support as they find their way. There are many elder Goths out there who should try to stay connected to the subculture to help support the next generations.

Goths should try to support their small businesses, events, clubs, groups, models and all Gothic websites. 

Above all, we as Goths must learn to accept and facilitate changes as they come for if we don’t change with the times then we become as stagnate and conformist as the non-goth world. For me, losing the ability to push the boundaries of what is Goth would truly be the end of our beautiful, dark and unique culture.

We thank Alexandria Gothe for her honest answers, for her positive vibes and for her incredible presence! We believe she will conquer the peaks of Gothic Culture and will greatly contribute to its enrichment!

Stay Goth Everybody!

WGM Team
WGM Team
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