The Final Ranking of our Winners in Vampire Royalty 2022 is…

Here we are already at the long-awaited moment of our Vampire Royalty 2022 competition – the final. The event started with the collection of applications at the beginning of December 2022, of which 95% of them were approved and successfully entered the big competition for 7 unique awards from 7+ exclusive sponsors from around the world.

Unique, beautiful and impressive contestants competed with each other for the grand prizes from 4 continents – Europe, Asia, North and South America and 16 countries – USA, Brazil, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Poland, Spain, UK, Serbia, Germany, Italy, Azerbaijan, England, Czech Republic, China, the Netherlands and Sweden. The full number of participants is 34.

Until now we have never had so many sponsors for 1 event and we are super happy that we all came together in the name of the World Gothic and to celebrate the great gathering and our home – Gothic style and Culture! This is also a themed celebration for the upcoming World Goth Day on May 22.

7 sponsors with more than 7 prizes for the Top 7 winners!

The race was fierce with constant changes in its order during the first 2 stages, but many of the participants fought to the last to enter the Top 10 and Top 7.

The models were extraordinary, attractive and magical, and all carried the energy of the Dark Vampire Royal Blood.

While we would like to award everyone with prizes, only 7 managed to make it to the top spots.

In the 3rd round of our collective adventure in our competition, the Jury, in the person of our sponsors, has already shared with us their opinion, on which the final result in the ranking for Vampire Royalty 2022 is based.

First of all, we want to thank everyone involved in this journey and for the wonderful creative work of all participants and sponsors! Thank you for your support!

Our jury is adamant that all the candidates were truly impressive and that they all deserve an award. And that’s a fact. And that will happen!!

The presence of all the participants stunned us and it was extremely difficult to choose the final winners.

Although by regulation we only have 7 official prizes, an exclusive 8th prize appears that all 34 participants will receive, and it is a special memorable presence in a video slide to the music of Joseph Vargo and Nox Arcana – a special offer from our sponsors from the second place in recognition of the shared energy!

@thevampirejacktownson, USA @x.sadiekat.x, USA @peapanic, United Kingdom Siv Zireael, Poland @rebellious.spirit.moonchild, North Macedonia @livana.celestria, Germany Lisa J, United States @diva_extravaganza, Germany Kristhania, Spain Lisa J, United States @diva_extravaganza, Germany @aurora_amaris_san, Serbia Vespertilia Von Mourn, Italy Linda Michel, USA  @Manna.Moon, USA @emmaretta_official, Poland @anarosapano, The Netherlands @sinistok, Czech Republic Jane Demonroads a.k.a. @the_victim_of_a_maniac on IG, Azerbaijan @han971111, China James Vinson, USA @Chris.Revenant.Rose, Sweden Lilith Melanie, Brazil @lilith_vampyre, United Kingdom  Volodina, Poland @la_artrodesis_de_lothien, Spain Woman in Corset, Poland @viktorshadows, Spain @witch.bea, Poland Ryann Reign, USA  Kristina Kamburova, Bulgaria @gaelira_gwaelon, Serbia Melanie Fiscus, USA Karisma, USA Roxy Cuthbertson, England @suanasi, UK

~ ~ ~

The 7th Place Winners is @x.sadiekat.x, USA | Photo by @HFMusicMedia (IG) with her prize by Gothic Rosette (Hungary) – a gothic cross pendant

~ ~ ~

The 6th Place Winner is @peapanic, United Kingdom with her prize by AniBu Arts&Crafts (Bulgaria) – an official artist of WGMworkshop – Wine Red Goat Plush Toy

~ ~ ~

The 5th Place Winner is @rebellious.spirit.moonchild, North Macedonia with her prize by Plamendura Art (Bulgaria) – an official artist of WGMworkshop – a gothic vampire goblet and jewelry

~ ~ ~

The 4th Place Winner is Siv Zireael, Poland with her prize by Patine Noire (Germany) – a gift card for €300 of original fashion items by the artist

~ ~ ~

The 3rd Place Winner is Kristhania, Spain | Photo by @gerhard.kern with her prize by

Scarlet Darkness (China) :

– 3 items by choice from their official website;

– The winner will become a collaborator/an official model of their brand:

– A very special discount coupon for all Viewers and interactors – everyone can get a unlimited 20% Off everything  by using ” worldgothicmodels ” (without quotation marks) during the checkout of your order/s at

~ ~ ~

The 2nd Place Winner is @vampirejacktownson, USA with his prize by Nox Arcana/Monolith Graphics/Joseph Vargo (USA) – an exclusive merch package with music, books, greeting cards, tarot cards and more

~ ~ ~

And The 1st Place Winner is Lisa J, USA with her prize by Anne Stokes & EMP (UK) – merch gifts and a paid photoshoot for the upcoming Gothicana clothing range between the two brands in 2023

~ ~ ~

 Congratulations to all the winners!

We will contact everyone within the next few days!

Thank you all for the wonderful experience and excitement in this edition of our Vampire Royalty 2022 competition and we look forward to seeing you again later this year in our next edition of Vampire Royalty in 2023! 

Until then, big surprises and events await you, where we will meet again and celebrate together!


 The Team of World Gothic Models

WGM Team
WGM Team
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