The Birthday Massacre Release a New Album in March 2020 + New Tour

It`s official! Few days ago the Industrial Gothic band The Birthday Massacre announced the news of the release of their new album called “Diamonds” which will be available on March 27th 2020! Here is what the mysicians say:

“The night is short. It weighs heavy, but the light always awaits us.”

Diamonds, the new album by The Birthday Massacre, contains an exploration of darkness as well as light, poison as well as its antidote. Within the songwriting, one can sense the passing of time, and the conflicts and resolutions that we can all feel. Nights end, and days resolve. If we look inside, we can find these precious emotions and conflicts.

Every single one of them is valuable. Like the diamonds in the dark. And thus, we have “Diamonds” by the Birthday Massacre. The distinctive soaring synths and guitars, paired with our Chibi’s beautiful familiar and reassuring voice, guides us all into the darkness as well as out to the light – guides us to mourn and to look inside, but also take our hand and invite us to dance, and remember – the night is short. It weighs heavy, but the light always awaits us.” Click HERE to see the original post.

The band is starting a tour in the spring, here are the dates they share with the fans:

Announcing our 2020 American Tour! Tickets on sale now HERE 
NOTE: VIP Packages available soon!

We are sure that a lot of fans like us from World Gothic Models will be very happy to see their favorite band performing life this year!

For those who still don`t know who The Birhtday Massacre are, we will share with you more about them.

“When the band formed in 1999, they were known as Imagica. This name was inspired by the fantasy novel Imajica (1991) by Clive Barker. In 2002, they changed the name to The Birthday Massacre after one of their earlier songs in order to avoid confusion with another group. The song “The Birthday Massacre” was then renamed to “Happy Birthday”. According to the vocalist Chibi: “it kind of works well for the music that we’re making. Sort of contrasty, you know? Birthday, and massacre. Light, and dark. Cute, and evil”. (Wikipedia)

The Birthday Massacre is from Toronto, Canada. Combining their interests in various musical and artistic styles, the band has successfully accumulated an impressive international fan base, press accolades, and defied categorization with their unique sound and visuals.

The band independently produced and recorded their first two albums, “Nothing and Nowhere” and “Violet“. Through both of these high-demand releases, as well as their highly acclaimed and beautifully atmospheric website, the band obtained a large and loyal fan base throughout the world.

Due to their independent success, in 2005 they were approached and signed by Metropolis Records and the band began its steady climb to reaching a much wider audience with the 2007 release of the acclaimed and wildly popular “Walking With Strangers”.

In the last few years, the band has been performing internationally, traveling extensively across Canada, the United States, Mexico, Australia, the U.K. and Europe. They have become renowned for their high-energy live performances, drawing large, mixed crowds through their appeal to fans of a surprisingly wide range of genres.

Equally comfortable playing intimate venues as they are on a festival stage, the band’s highly-praised performances will continue into the next years as they continue touring.” (sourse TBM official FB page)

Discogrpahy to purchase on Amazon:

The band is influenced by rock, industrial, metal, new wave, 80’s soundtracks, horror, fantasy and sci-fi movies.

Artists also like Dommin, Aural Vampire, Die Mannequin, Schoolyard Heroes, theStart, Deadsy, The Faint, The Cure, Curve, Tub Ring, Creature Feature, Julien K, MSI, The Knife, Depeche Mode, The Corner and many more.

The band members are:
Chibi – Vocals
Rainbow – Guitars/Programming/Vocals
M. Falcore – Guitars
Rhim – Drums
Owen – Keyboards
Nate Manor – Bass

The music genre is mix between Pop, Alternative, Industrial Rock, New Wave, Synthpop, Gothic, Rock.

Stay tuned for more news about The Birthday Massacre!


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