And the Winners are… Vampire God*Dess 2020

In this year’s edition participated 76 contestants from age 14 to 68 from 25 countries – UK, USA, Malta, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain, Belarus, Russia, Norway, Australia, The Netherlands, France, Brazil, Czech Republic, Croatia, Japan, Argentina, Luxemburg, Portugal, Turkey, New Zeland, Greece, Belgium and Hungary.

Surely many of you are super eager to find out who wins the awards of our exclusive sponsors Anne Stokes, Joseph Vargo (Nox Arcana & Monolith Graphics) & Vampfangs. There were changes in the last round of the competition, which were necessary and we urgently introduced a new regulation for fair selection of winners in the competition. The recent top 10 models were:

1. No. 27. Felicity Hawthorn-Chapman, UK 

2. No. 22. Debbie Todd, UK 

3. No. 59. NoxPrincessa, USA 

4. No. 44. Lilith Vampyre, UK 

5. No. 67. Sara Zimmermann, Germany 

6. No. 25. Emma Goodband, UK 

7. No. 64. Ria Naden, UK 

8. No. 48. Magdalena von Helfenstein, Czech Republic 

9. No. 53. Michelle Ulber, USA 

10. No. 29. Gatto Nero Katzenkunst, Germany 

Three participants were selected within about a week by our three judges by criteria for overall aesthetic, make-up, fashion, style, setting, mood, photography, and how well the model reflects the gothic/vampiric spirit.

And now it’s time to share the final results with you:

3rd place wins No. 44. Lilith Vampyre from United Kingdom, as her prize is a $100 Gift Card from Vampfangs Online Gothic Shop (USA), where she can use to purchase favorite spooky items from their online store! Congratulations!

3rd Place Winner – 44. Lilith Vampyre, UK | Model cover: Obsidian Kerttu

You can find Vampfangs here:
VampFangs Official Website

2nd place goes to No. 59. NoxPrincessa, USA and her award is an incredible Gothic Art collection combining music and illustrations. The Winner will receive Tarot Cards, Books and CDs from our talented sponsor Joseph Vargo of Monolith Graphics and Nox Arcana (United States). Congratulations!

2rd Place Winner – 59. NoxPrincessa, USA

Follow Joseph Vargo’s projects here:
Joseph Vargo Official Website

Monolith Graphics Official Website

Nox Arcana Official Website

And the 1st place wins Gatto Nero Katzenkunst from Germany, who wins an exclusive Gothic Fantasy portrait by Anne Stokes (UK). The illustration will be added to Anne’s licensed art collection. Keep in mind that the art piece will be painted digitally. Moreover, the exact scene will match the pose and look of the model.

The winner will receive a signed print of the painting and will be tagged online when it is posted on social media.

In addition, Gatto Nero Katzenkunst wins a chance to do a paid photo shoot with Anne Stokes’ products, which will be featured on her social media. Congratulations!

1st Place Winner29. Gatto Nero Katzenkunst, Germany
Photo by Meik Reinhardt

You can find Anne Stokes here:
Anne Stokes Official Website

We will contact the winners in person to discuss how they will receive their prizes. Congratulations to the them, and we thank the other participants for their entering to this competition and do not despair. We will announce new interesting events for you and all Gothic fans around the world!

Our mission to discover the precious diversity of Goths and Goth Culture worldwide will continue. We will still be looking for the best ways to represent them to the world.

WGM Team
WGM Team
WGM promotes Gothic culture and alternative self-expression. Our mission is to share the latest trends from the community and support the artists whose creative spark keeps it alive. See through our eyes the light in the darkness.