And the winners are… Vampire Goddess 2019

Dear friends, fans and followers, the end of this year’s Vampire Goddess contest 2019 came.
We want to thank all who was a part of this awesome event and made October so magickal and excited for all of us! We had such a great and fun time during this competition on our Facebook page and we thank to all the beautiful 23 ladies from Europe, Asia and USA and who participated!

The battle was fierce, the places of competitors were constantly changing and we were all very excited for the final result! All the girls were very beautiful and worth the attention!

We received inquiries from male models to participate in the competition, which is a very pleasant surprise for us, but at this stage we cannot organize a competition for men, as the male presence is extremely weak. One day we would love to do something for you, dear boys, we look forward to this moment!

We want to remind you all the great sponsors and their kindly provided prizes for the TOP 3 winners:

The 1st place przie is by My Witchery from Germany/Ukraine and is an amazing Bat Headpiece:

The 2nd place prize is Black Friday handbag by the Australian designer, Youtuber and singer Avelina De MorayBlack Friday is the biggest Youtuber and influencer in the goth comunnity so far. She already has a collection of handbagspurses and wallets designed by Avelina, you can find their collaboration HERE.

The 3rd place przie is a Vampire Coffin Choker and Figurine/Candle Holder handmade by Plamendura Art from Bulgaria. She makes different types of alternative jewelry, accessories, hand-painted clothes, designs for prints, and currently she is working on figurines and other kind of decorations.

We took the time to check all the votes as we promised in the rules of this competition.

Aaaaaand the final ranking is following:

  1. Catherine de Crumbenowe, Czech Republic – 718 positive votes
  2. Rehn Stillnight, Italy – 450 positive votes
  3. Mademoiselle Juliette, Poland – 360 positive votes
  4. Cassandra Ann, USA – 337 positive votes
  5. Hellhuntress, Czech Republic – 163 positive votes
  6. Lynette Drachenblut, Spain – 151 positive votes
  7. Martisha Magnet, Russia – 126 positive votes
  8. Model Anna Misty, Germany – 99 positive votes
  9. Daiana, Italy – 98 positive votes
  10. Vesmedinia, Spain – 91 positive votes /
  11. Catherine HilkeWitch, Belarus – 86 positive votes
  12. Scarlet Phoenix, UK – 84 positive votes
  13. Gaelira Gwaelon, Serbia – 78 positive votes
  14. Ksenia Kornelie, Russia – 67 positive votes
  15. Gwynevere ‘Nachtzehren’ Kipling, UK – 63 positive votes
  16. LaCroixLolita, Ukraine – 45 positive votes
  17. Equi Noxe, France  – 44 positive votes
  18. Gail Noble, UK – 41 positive votes
  19. Gothic Rosette, Hungary – 30 positive votes
  20. Domina, UK – 28 positive votes
  21. Jessica Russell, USA – 26 positive votes
  22. Jibriel Creazioni, Italy – 17 positive votes
  23. Ebony Cherise, UK – 16 positive votes

1-st place winner Catherine de Crumbenowe / @catherine_de_crumbenowe

Photographer: Yassmine Photography
MUAH: Two Moons Muah
Necklace by Bijoux Briggitte
Flowers by Floribeads
Crown by MyWitchery

2-nd pace winner – Rehnstillnight / @rehnstillnight

3-rd plance winner Mademoiselle Juliette / @mademoiselle.juliette.atelier 

Chocker by @plamendura

Congratulations to all the winners!!! Thank you for being part of this amazing experience we had all together!

We will see you next year in January for the upcoming Goth Queen 2020 contest and next Vampire Goddess 2020!

And remember: Different is Beautiful!


WGM Team
WGM Team
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