Vampire Goddess 2020 1st Place Sponsor Anne Stokes and the Winner Gatto Nero

In the last year’s edition of our contest Vampire God (or) Goddess participated 76 contestants of age 14 to 68 from 25 countries.

The last stage, where the judges decided who to be ranked to the top 3 places, the 1st was taken by the adorable Gatto Nero Katzenkunst from Germany, who won an exclusive Gothic Fantasy portrait by the one and only Gothic and Fantasy Illustrator Anne Stokes (UK).

The winner receives a signed print of the painting and will be tagged online when it is posted on social media. The illustration is already part of Anne’s licensed art collection. In addition, Gatto Nero Katzenkunst won a chance to do a paid photo shoot with Anne Stokes’ products, which will be featured on her social media. Stay tuned for that very soon! But that’s just the beginning!

Keep watching these two beautiful, talented and kind people and you will find out more curious things! We are so extremely thankful for being part of this amazing experience by working with our long time (2 decades and a half!) favorite artist Anne Stokes! Blessings!

✔ Creative directors: Plamendura Art & Goth Prince Bronze Raven

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Gatto Nero’s necklace by Plamendura Art

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