Vampire Goddess 2018 Katrin Lanfire: “I want to show people how inspiring the dark side of beauty can be”

Katrin Lanfire is the I-st place winner of the contest “Vampire Goddess” for 2018, Halloween edition where 18 contestants took a part in the competition. Besides reaching the first place, the fans who voted for Katrin also helped her to get the prize kindly provided by the  brand Vampfangs, USA. 

But who is Katrin Lanfire?

She is an alternative freelance photo model from Ukraine, now living in Germany.  Modeling is her passion since 2011, it gives her a lot of motivation, positive emotions and the opportunities to meet amazing people around the world

She prefer to join dark fantasy, historical, fetish and beauty projects, because she can represent these themes in the most artistic way. 

Usually she is not only a model, but also idea maker, makeup artist, stylist and sometimes even a photographer. She likes to create every of her images from the start to the end.

Also she is a founder of MyWitchery, Etsy shop with gothic, fetish and fantasy accessories.

With her friend Alexey, art historian and professional hairdresser, they create different items from necklaces to styled carnival wigs.

Her biggest wish is to grow up in every of her fields of art and show people how various, inspiring and creative the dark side of beauty can be.

You can find Katrin here: Facebook | Instagram

WGM Team
WGM Team
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