Types of Goths: 2. The Romantic Goth

Romance in Gothic and you did not mishear

Charles Addams (American, 1912-1988). Morticia Addams, original cartoon illustration, January 1946. Ink on paper. 

Romantic Goths should not be perceived as the lovers of all sweet and tender stuff. At the same time, unlike the traditional Goths, they cover the next decade of the 20th century.

The first Romantic Goths appeared in the early 90s, thanks to Morticia Addams from the movie “Addams Family.”

The fictional image of the elegant and beautiful Goth woman, descended from the caricatures of the American artist Charles Addams, became fatal for the representatives of this movement.

It should be noted that romantic goths did not arise in a vacuum. Trad Goths have already formed significant concepts of culture, including the traditions of clothing and makeup. 

Fashion of Romantic Goths

The appearance and lifestyle of the Romantic Goths are inspired by Victorian literature. In the dark Gothic world, they find sensuality and mystery for themselves. Of course, they wear a lot of Gothic Victorian clothes.

The signature features of the Romantic Goths are velvet and lace, flowery crowns, a love of poetry and literature. People who are completely far from Gothic subculture may be confused by the image of the Romantic Goths.

It seems to be that stereotypical Goths wear “total black”, but actually Goths, especially romantic ones, like to break their stereotypes. They combine dark clothes with bright attributes. Often you can find them wearing red, orange, green and even purple clothes. 

Music as a source of inspiration

Romantic Goths enjoy the sensitive and deep lyrics and piercing vocals of the band called Cocteau Twins. This Scottish band performed songs not only in the gothic rock genre, but also post-punk and alternative rock.

Many people may find it surprising, but Romantic Goths are also admirers of classical music, especially Brahms and Wagner

Cocteau Twins – Treasure – 1984 – Full album 

How do they have fun and what do they philosophize about?

Romantic Goths share a similar aesthetic with Victorian Goths, who were inspired by Steampunk. They like to walk in cemeteries, collect dead flowers, study Gothic architecture and literature.

All this helps them to spend time in thinking and looking for everything beautiful and so far uncharted by other minds. And this is only in general terms.

All the beauty of the Romantic Goths can be learned by delving deeply into their versatile world. 

Featured models:
Lach Galahad & Vairette, Poland
Black Mart, Russia
Alice Gothica, Germany
Ellone Andreea, Romania
Anna Calypso, United Kingdom
Andreas Krieger, Russia
Gatto Nero Katzenkunst, Germany
Plamendura, Bulgaria
Crystal Desdemona, Germany
No_Eelys, France
Vesmedinia, Spain
Tanya Bright, Russia

To be continued…

Author-correspondent from Baku, Azerbaijan Esmira Hammett

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