The New Contest Vampire Royalty 2022 is Finally Here! Deadline Updated!

GREAT NEWS! The new sponsored modeling contest Vampire Royalty 2022 by World Gothic Models is already here! Awesome brands from all over the world will participate and giveaway prizes in this year’s competition for the most ambitious and stylish contestants! 

Anne Stokes & EMP with Gothicana Clothing Range from the UK, Joseph Vargo with Nox Arcana & Monolith Graphics from the USA, Scarlet Darkness from China, Patine Noire from Germany, Plamendura Art (an official artist at WGMworkshop) from Bulgaria, AniBu Arts&Crafts (an official artist at WGMworkshop) from Bulgaria and Gothic Rosette from Hungary will take a very good care for the winners! And yes! You count it right – 7 exclusive prizes for 7 winners out there!

But that’s not all! Some of the prizes have big packages of goods, so join the Competition now – grab your cameras and start taking your best shots!

ONLY ONE will get to the first place! Who will be the most rated contestant – male or female, from which country on the planet? That depends on you and your audience that will support you in this “battle”! So it is time to tell your friends and fans about this Contest and let the game start now!

READ REALLY CAREFULLY the following information!

Here are the rules that you first have to get familiar with and to follow regarding your acceptance in the competition in the Pre-Voting Stage:

– Send us 1 of your best VAMPIRE GOTH PHOTO with High Quality – your image will represent your Vampire Goth Look, so choose wisely. Once accepted by WGM you can’t change the submitted photo. Send us your NAMES (+ social network profiles), AGE and COUNTRY to email [email protected] (E-MAIL SUBMISSIONS ONLY!!!)

– We accept all body types and age;

– Deadline for submitting photos (Pre-Voting Stage) – from 3rd.Dec.2022 until 31st.Jan.2023 (including), Eastern European Time;

The 1st stage – The public voting starts in Two Stages from 18.03.2023 until 1st of April 2023 (including), 23:59h Eastern European Time.

The 2nd stage – Instagram reposts of Top 10 most ranked contestants – 5th of April 2023 until 14th of April 2023;

The 3rd stage – The final choice by Our Sponsors – Top 7 winners! From 17th of April 2023- 23th of April 2023.

The winners will be announced in a short amount of time after the final results.

See below more information about the stages and prizes. 

What you DON’T have to do:

THIS IS NOT A COUPLE CONTEST! If you are a couple and want to apply, you can do it separately, the winner can be only ONE!



Tasteless images with poor effects, lack of focus, taken from a bad angle and with bad lighting will also not be accepted. We and our respected sponsors expect your best in exchange of quality prizes. Lets respect each other properly. Please! Be Really Serious!!

– For references check the model photos we publish on our networks – Instagram and Facebook;

– If there is a violation of the Participation Regulation, the candidate/s will be expelled from the contest;

Candidates who don’t follow our rules submission rules, won’t be accepted;

– Previous 1st place winners of our Goth Queen & Vampire Goddess / Vampire Royalty contests are not allowed to participate;

– Due to serious postal problems candidates from Ecuador won`t be permitted to enter the contest!

Last but not the least, this is our new poster for this years’ edition of Vampire Royalty 2022!

Photo by Miroslav Krejčí, Models: Mauricio Espinosa & Dark Ophelia, Czech Republic (Winner of Vampire Royalty 2021); Graphic Design by Plamendura Art

Here are the stages you will get the chance to enter:

The 1st stagePoll Voting – Each image will be displayed one under another for best viewing of every contestant here on our website in a special system. After choosing your favorite image, you will have the chance to vote for your favorite following our additional instructions.

The models in the Top 10 who collect the most votes will be ranked to the 2nd stage;

The 2nd stageInstagram reposts – The models, who take the first 10 places, equal their results from the voting for the current moment. That gives them a chance to be equally evaluated by the supporters!

The 10 images will be published on our Instagram, where your fans can choose their favorite model/s and repost their picture/s to their IG profiles in a PUBLIC MODE with the hashtag #wgmvampireroyalty2022 and mention us with @worldgothicmodelss in the description box of the repost.

Don`t forget to follow OUR PAGE on Instagram as well to validate your votes, it will also help you to follow any news from us about this and the upcoming events! The more you repost correctly, the better chances your favorite model has to get to the TOP 7 most preferred potential winners and the 3rd stage. 

The 3rd stageThe final choice by Our Sponsors – They will help to select the Winners in the TOP 7 by criteria for overall aesthetic, make-up, fashion, style, setting, mood, photography, and how well the model reflects the Vampire Gothic Royalty spirit.

The winners will be announced shortly after the final votes.

The honored sponsors this year are:

🦇 1. Anne Stokes & EMP (UK) – a paid photoshoot for the upcoming Gothicana clothing range between the two brands in 2023;

🦇 2. Nox Arcana/Monolith Graphics/Joseph Vargo (USA) – an exclusive merch package with music, books, greeting cards, tarot cards and more;;

🦇 3. Scarlet Darkness (China):

3 items by choice from their official website

– The winner will become a collaborator/an official model of their brand

– A very special discount coupon for all Viewers and interactors in this contest – everyone can get a 20% Off everything by using ” worldgothicmodels ” (without quotation marks) during the checkout of your order/s at

🦇 4. Patine Noire (Germany) – gift card for €300;

🦇 5. Plamendura Art (BG) – an official artist of WGMworkshop – a gothic vampire goblet and jewelry;

🦇 6. AniBu Arts&Crafts (BG) – an official artist of WGMworkshop – wine red goat plush toy;


🦇 7. Gothic Rosette (Hungary) – a gothic cross pendant.

They will offer outstanding prizes for those who hit the top – photo sessions, original illustrations, books, music, clothes, decorations, toys, jewelry are only some of the prizes! So stay tuned to see what exactly we prepared for you all!

And remember! We expect your Vampire Goth Royalty Looks until 31th of January 2023!

Good luck to all!

WGM Team

WGM Team
WGM Team
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