Gatto Nero Katzenkunst: “Support your scene, artists and people!”

Beautiful, talented, creative German model with incredible taste of dark aesthetic. She and her photographer (and partner in life) together re-create gothic art in their photoshoots and spread the mystical beauty and inspire many people worldwide. Gatto was the first model who represented the first edition of the Beauty and Styling contest Goth Queen in 2017. We present you Daniela or Gatto Nero from Germany!

Gatto Nero Katzenkunst Nu TradGoth Look World Gothic Models
Model: Gatto Nero Katzenkusnt; Photographer: Meik Reinhardt Fotografie

1. Hello Gatto Nero and welcome on board! As a start of our conversation tell us who is Gatto Nero Katzenkunst? 
My name is Daniela, i live in north of Germany. I am a rather shy person who loves cats, books,listening to music, nature,dreaming, crafting, design and gothic parties.

2. When did you start modeling in general? Tell us about your first steps in modeling and what inspired you to embark upon this endeavour. 
I’ve been a part of the gothic scene since 1997 and started with photoshoots in 2013. I never wanted to be a model, a friend asked if i could do a shoot for a flyer and i said yes. I liked it and that was the beginning.In 2015 I meet my boyfriend Meik and since then we create almost all pictures together. We have the same aesthetic claims and he is such an amazing photoshop artist. I am my own stylist and make-up artist. We are working with dedication and passion for the dark and gothic art. We can live out our dreams and creativity in our pictures.

3. Speaking of gothic stereotypes, which is the one that you mostly cling to?
I used to like the Romantic ,Victorian goth and the gothic lolita style a lot. 3 years ago my music taste has changed a little bit. I discovered Post Punk, Coldwave, Minimal and I longed for the traditional gothic scene again. So now i am more into TradGoth and love to tease my hair, wear a deathhawk, fishnets; a little more punk style. For a shooting I always dress differently – sometimes Fantasy, Romantic, Victorian, Punk or Gothic High Fashion.

4. How do people that you engage with on a daily basis perceive your interest and self-expression through gothic culture?
I always show my goth side, I can wear black clothes and make-up also during my work. And that was and is important for me. I want to be the way I am and not have to pretend. Fortunately most people respond positively and openly. I have no problems in my job. With everything else you learn to live. Not everyone likes this style and I try to avoid such people.

5. What do you think is the single most important trait for a role model and how he/she should manifest it?
Role models inspire and can help people achieve dreams and goals. They have a lot of influence and should always be aware of it. A role model should be authentic, treat other creatures with respect, be brave and stand for values, encourage other people and help or support them.

6. What were your first challenges that you had to face when you were a baby bat? How did you deal with them?
I wore black clothes since i was 15. A friend gave me a tape from the german gothic Band “Das Ich”. From that moment i found my home in the Gothic Culture. I did not know anyone so I went to record shops and searched for dark music. I fell in love with “Lacrimosa”, “Goethes Erben”,” Sanguis et Cinis”. The music was called “Neue deutsche Todeskunst”. When I went to my first gothic parties the older goths had a problem with us ”nu goths” but i went my way, pulled it through and did not let unsettle me.

Today it is easier for beginners to get into the scene through social media and the Internet. You can get so many Information about Goth for example on Youtube. There are many good Youtubers like Black Friday or ReeRee Phillips who explain a lot of useful things about Goth.

7. Here is a commonly asked question that We’d like to challenge you with; What’s the difference between elitism and just voicing your opinion in terms of gothic culture? Where is the line between these two and how to differentiate these two angles?
Who feels goth is goth. Gothic has always been diverse and everyone lives differently. The Scene lives by change. I think it’s terrible to tell someone what to wear or to behave. You can say your opinion that’s okay but rules and regulations are stupid. The scene should hold together and not disagree with each other by elitist behavior.

8. What do you value the most in gothic culture? Moreover, what will keep you as an active participant of it for a good part of your life?
The Gothic Scene is peaceful, open-minded and creative. The gothic people are kind and unique (most of them). I feel comfortable in this scene that gives me inspiration and courage

Model: Gatto Nero Katzenkusnt; Photographer: Meik Reinhardt Fotografie

9. Could you point out how you perceive gothic in a general sense and how it impacts your life?
Gothic Influence is all around. I see it in Fashion, Movies and Books. Unfortunately i do not see as many gothic people on the streets as i did 15 years ago. But i hope there is a revival. 

10. Do you have gothic idols? If yes, how did they impress you so much and have become such a vital part of your life?
 I do not have any Idols. I find inspiration in movies,books, Pinterest and artists like Natalie Shau

11. What’s your favourite colour palette and the type of clothing that you love to get dressed with?
My favorite colours are black, black/red and black/white. For daily life i wear black dresses and plateau shoes. I love an elegant, feminine style but also the punky style with Fishnets, corsets when i go to party.

12. Say you are on a lonely island, what are the 3 gothic items that you will make sure to have in order to survive?

  1. MP3 Player with my favorite music
  2. Lots of batteries for the MP3 player
  3. Book with fairytales
Gatto Nero Katzenkunst Victorian Goth Look World Gothic Models
Model: Gatto Nero Katzenkusnt; Photographer: Meik Reinhardt Fotografie

13.  Tell us more about the gothic scene in Germany – music, clubs, concerts, festivals? What is your favorite place to visit?
We have different Festivals in Germany. The largest are the Mera Luna and the Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT) I have been visiting the WGT since 2003. It is a big meeting and over 150 Bands play at several places throughout the city over 4 days. It is a great place to meet and have fun with people with the same views. In Germany we have Viking and Pagan Markets around the year in different towns. Nearly every major city has one gothic party in a month. And many Bands are touring here. There is a good selection of events in Germany i think.

14. Do you have a motto that you live by? If yes, could you tell us what is it?
Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself.

15. Throughout the years many new gothic sub-categories emerged above the surface. What are your thoughts about them?
Gothic will not die, it keeps evolving. It is a good thing. People today are expressing themselves with more freedom than ever before. With the new sub-categories there is now something almost for everyone. More people feel included. I don’t like every style but my music taste is open. I like Gothic/ Post Punk/ Industrial / EBM / Ambient / Classic Music. Some of my favorite Bands are: Lacrimosa, Lebanon Hanover, She past away, Goethes Erben,  Hocico, Confrontational, Hante, Janus, Joy Division, Diary of Dreams, Sopor Aeternus, Umbra et Imago and so much more.

16. What advice would you give to baby bats?
Don’t try to be perfect, find a style that makes you happy. Be yourself and wear what you like. Dare to be as you want and don’t turn down yourself because of what others say or try to tell you.

17.  How would you advise goths to keep the gothic spirit alive across the globe?
Support your scene, artists and people.

18. And in the end of aour nice chat where people can find you on the social networks?
They can find me on Facebook and Instagram

Thank you very much for the interview and your support.

WGM: You are very welcome, the pelasure is our!

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WGM Team
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