To all talented artists out there, who seek a new scene to present their professional artworks! You can join our casting and become a part of World Gothic Community and Culture by contributing to its global spreading and developing, as well as to participate in fun, valuable and interesting international public gothic events and projects! Your work will be globally seen and will attract even more connoisseurs, fans and new possibilities for your skills, abilities, creativity and work opportunities!

If Gothic style is your passion, then what are you waiting for? Feel free to do that NOW! How? Read more below how to get involved in our creative flow!

We are constantly looking for new faces, makeup artists, photographers, illustrators, fashion designers, gothic looks and stylings with high quality artistic images and videos with Outdoor and Indoor shoots, surrounded by Nature or interacting with stunning gothic decor.

By using our special hashtag #wgmcasting in your descriptions of your posts on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and TikTok , you immediately request your participation in our new upcoming potential projects, where you can be one of the chosen collaborators in our different types of promotional gothic content such as ads, videos, collages, slideshows; printed promo materials like calendars, fashion catalogs, posters, flyers and the like. Most importantly your name and work will be widely promoted for free!


Quality: Professional high resolution art with tasteful and colorful and black & white imagery;

Type of materials: Photography, illustrations, long and short videos & reels; showing editing skills and rich imagination;

Theme: Dark Atmosphere, Cemetery, Nature, Victorian Vibes, Forests, Mist, Water, Architecture, Night Creatures, Dark Fantasy, Black Color Combo with Other Colors, Candles, Fire, Smoke, Super Natural Fantasy Forcesand everything related to pure Gothic and its diversity;

Age: Unlimited;

Gender: Unlimited;

Country: Unlimited;

Period of the casting: Unlimited;

Where will be published: Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and TikTok, as well as in other potential media and channels by our business partners when needed. We will contact every selected person to inform them about the upcoming events, projects, campaigns and the like. That is why your social profiles must be public;

Important notes: You can always send your artworks directly to us, but first make sure you have the full permission from your photographer or model to participate. Write their names as well and other important information that you want to share. The approval is not guaranteed in this case, so carefully consider what material you will apply to us and follow all the Requirements.

If you are not selected immediately, do not be disappointed! Keep raising the level of your work and become competitive. This will give you even more chances to be selected to work with us and other big names. Always use #wgmcasting to get noticed!

We already work with models, photographers, fashion desiners and illustrators for projects, initiated by talented big names in Gothic Culture like the Gothic Fantasy artists Anne Stokes and Joseph Vargo from Nox Arcana and Monolith Graphics.

Models and photographers also participate in our video tales in our Youtube channel for Goth Types. We need your help to continue working on the rest Types! Join now using #wgmcasting !

Other models and designers participated in our annual contests and got awesome connections and friendships! Here are some of the winners and their prizes:

And many more still to come! Don’t forget to you the special hashtag #wgmcasting!


WGM Team
WGM Team
WGM promotes Gothic culture and alternative self-expression. Our mission is to share the latest trends from the community and support the artists whose creative spark keeps it alive. See through our eyes the light in the darkness.