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Top 5 Models of the Week 20-26.07.2020

Dear friends, fans and followers! For more than two years already every week we announce Model of the Week on Instagram, choosen by you, guys, and by the reach on our page there. This year we had the chance to start the first Model of the Year contest where every choosen Model of the Week during the year is nominated for Model of the Year. The winner with most votes get the chance to participate in our projects and events and also gets own WGM merch collection with her/his face on it.

Last week’s (20-26.07.2020) Top 5 most viewed and liked images on our Instagram page are:

No. 5 @bluexastrid, Poland – 827 hearts

Photo: @photogoldfinch
Dress: @wulgaria_evil_clothing

No. 4 @aleera_de_lune, Malta – 906 hearts

No. 3 @lisaranel, Turkey – 940 hearts

No. 2 @ardaeth, Canada- 1216 hearts

Lace bolero by @houseofwidow
Corset by @ttcorsets

No. 1 @lynette_drachenblut, Spain/United Kingdom – 1603 hearts

Boots: @newrock
Skirt: @burleska_corsets
Photography: @moonspells.photo

How to get featured by World Gothic Models and how can I become a Model of the Week?

If you want to be published on WGM’s Instagram you only have to tag us on your pictures, no mentions with @ or hashtags with # are needed, our feed is moving very fast and we lose these tracks very quickly. Only tags right on the images work for us. We save the best shots to our waiting list gallery. But there is more:

  • How to be picked – the material you share with us has to be in its best quality. If is not, we have to pass it… No blood (we make exceptions only if it is aesthetically pleasing), no violence, no nudity in an improper way.
  • You tag us, we choose the best material. Usually we start reposting images and videos in chronological order, but sometimes we post fresh material if we are stunned right away by the content, quality and talent of the artists. Also, there are some Instagram rules we need to take into consideration – contrasted photos with good lights, good focus, balanced colors and the like. If you need help with your photo editing, you can always use our Partners’ services to achieve the desired result and increase your chance to get selected and reposted.
  • When your turn comes, your images can be reposted. Every week we receive hundreds of requests, and we make sure to publish only the best, so please be patient. However, if you’d like to have your images posted with priority, there is an option for you!
  • In case you want your post to be published right away, we also offer VIP promotions with priority and advantages. For more information you can contact us directly by using our contact form, our e-mail or simply write us on IG.
  • Every week we pick the image that has reached most people and has received most likes/hearts. Every model can help the process by sharing their already published images by us on their stories during the current weekend as many times they want to increase the chance to get nominated. Only then will the model/s become nominated for Model of the current Year, and after the year ends, we organize a contest with all nominated models. The contest usually starts in the beginning of the new year and the voting will be available on our website.

Every model has an opportunity to be nominated more than once. Be inspired to create wonderful gothic pictures and share them with the world. Keep tagging us in order to be part of the fun we create for you all!

WGM Team
WGM promotes Gothic culture and alternative self-expression. Our mission is to share the latest trends from the community and support the artists whose creative spark keeps it alive. See through our eyes the light in the darkness.

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