New way for Getting Published on WGM’s Media

Dear friends, fans and followers, due to some new unexpected and quite impractical changes lately by Instagram, we are forced to change the way we collect your posted images for potential publishing & promoting on our social networks.
We had to disable the ability to tag @worldgothicmodelss on your posts for an indefinite period of time. From now on, the only way to send and notify your applications for publication with us is to use our hashtag #worldgothicmodels now we only accept direct messages, if you wish to communicate with us for real.

Have in mind that our team is very small and we cannot process all the information, received from you to us.

Whether and when you will be featured on our Instagram and Facebook pages depends on several very important factors:

  • High quality photoswe ignore photos with poor quality and lack of taste;
  • No phones in the shot frame and background;
  • Photos with a strong sexual incitement, inappropriate nudity, gore, horror, bloodshed, cruelty, violence, serious religious or political propaganda are strictly prohibited;
  • We insist your faces to be shown in your materials; the style is sustained and you are clearly aware of the criteria for the gloomy aesthetics that we support;
  • Most importantly – we promote only Gothic and Dark Alternative styles.

Be patient and do not be discouraged, if you are not published immediately or at all. Remember that this process is slower, because our team is too small to catch up with your growing interest in us.

We will periodically take special time to rediscover and support you, so keep taking great photos and videos and supporting our gothic culture, and we will reach out to you and promote you in good faith.

We are in a process of creating another stage/platform where your magnificent work will be most appreciated. But that we will announce when we are ready.

However, this takes time, so we have the option of VIP promotions with priority and advantage for the impatient. For more information you can contact us by e-mail
[email protected] .

Stay tuned for any updates that might occur.

Your WGM Team

WGM Team
WGM Team
WGM promotes Gothic culture and alternative self-expression. Our mission is to share the latest trends from the community and support the artists whose creative spark keeps it alive. See through our eyes the light in the darkness.